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DRYing up rails tests

Posted in Rails, Testing by Vikram Venkatesan on November 12, 2009

The rails tests are probably the most repetitive and unstructured pieces of code that we write, in my opinion. We write tests for all scenarios and cases, with each one repeating the same preparation code before the actual test begins. Also, it’s always hard to find whether there is a test for a given scenario/case, no matter how disciplined we are in naming and structuring the tests. This is true for both unit and functional tests.

Cucumber is definitely a sigh of relief. But, it is a tool specifically built to aid BDD, used to write tests at the highest level of abstraction called Integration testing.¬† It can’t be used to DRY up the unit or functional tests. I personally feel it’s not so productive since the developers write the complete English-Ruby conversion code and there is no reuse of scenarios and structuring. If there are two scenarios differing in the last step, you will be duplicating most the statements.

Since any test case is nothing but a combination of many scenarios (be it unit or functional), what would be helpful is a way to nest the tests based on multiple scenarios. I have tried to come up with a test library that can aid in writing such tests with minimal code and in a more structured way.

The library is available as a plugin @ http://github.com/venkatev/nested_scopes


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